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Mutual Aid - What is it and how does it work?


I've called for an ambulance, and when it arrived, it wasn't my regular service provider.  Why is that?  There are times when the EMS system has requests for service that outnumber the amount of resources that are available at that time.  In situations like this, EMS services rely on outside agencies to assist covering these calls to ensure the requests for services are met in a timely fashion.  Rotterdam EMS is no different.


REMS participates in the Schenectady County Emergency Medical Services Mutual Aid Plan.  Under this plan, if the primary service provider, which for Rotterdam is Rotterdam EMS,  is not available to handle a request for service, the dispatch agency will contact another service provider for coverage.  Typically, the geographically closet provider will be asked to respond to the request.  If that service is not available, the request moves on to the next agency and so on.

Rotterdam EMS is proud to be able to provide mutual aid services to our neighboring communities and are very grateful when neighboring agencies can provide mutual aid service to our residents when the situation arises.



Your EMS System


Depending on where you live in Rotterdam, you may get 1 or 2 different agencies when you request EMS services.


In most areas of Rotterdam, REMS responds as the sole Advanced Life Support provider, meaning when a REMS unit arrives, a Paramedic and an EMT have arrived to initiate patient care and transport patients to the hospital.  In the more rural areas of Rotterdam, such as Rotterdam Junction and Plotterkill, it is a two tier response system.  You will receive first response Basic Life Support service from your fire department to initiate patient care until the arrival of a REMS unit to the scene to continue care and provide Advanced Life Support services.

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